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Loadmaster is released.

Incorporates document tracking and retrieval. Plus Xero transaction export. Plus Pallex import. Addition of Fuel Surcharges on the P & L reports. Also a special import for UK Mail from a single file from a website.

Note that the user MUST have secure area access rights on their username to use document retrieval.

See this document for help in loading :-

Just cut and paste it into your browser.

The description of how to use the document retrieval is in this document :-

Forward Notice of website change - owing to Brexit for political reasons within the EU we will lose the ability to continue to use our EU website when the UK leaves. We will therefore slowly revert to using the .CO.UK website.
Emails sent to .CO.UK email addresses currently get redirected to the equivalent .EU mailbox. We will simply reverse this. We propose to start this process in September.

Updated on 18/07/2018 at 09:23