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A few years ago who would have thought that stores like ALDI and LIDL would be strong rivals to the likes of ASDA, Morrisons and Waitrose? They offer great value for money and the others have found themselves having to compete against them.

Compare the PC and the Mac. A few years ago it was only the ‘geeks’ who were seen as using Macs. Every time you look at the television showing a football or rugby match then you see that the team managers are monitoring the game using Macs. Desktop Publishing and music production has a strong Mac following.

The same is true for Linux. It was seen as ‘geeky’ but Linux has been around for well over 20 years and has continued to develop with a worldwide following. It has changed over that period of time and is now the technical choice for many.

Most web servers use Linux. Nearly all supercomputers use Linux. Android phones use Linux. Some televisions and Blu-ray players use Linux. Some cars use Linux. Many European governments, like Germany, run their entire system on Linux. The simple reason is that it is well supported and it's very stable. The International Space Station is currently being upgraded to run on Linux.

The amazing thing is that you can upgrade to Linux for free.

If you run a business, a school or even just a home user then you have to ask yourself, “What do most people use their computer for?”

The answer is that most people use their computers for browsing the internet, writing a document and creating a spreadsheet. All easily done on Linux. For example, a web page in Google Chrome is the same on Linux and Windows.

Linux progression

We have joined the membership of the Linux Foundation. Having written bespoke applications for Linux already using Windev we see this as a great expansion area. As an example, we have a Linux version of TPN Claimtrak which is a client application that accesses its data from a database from a Manta server, it works very successfully and quickly.

Linux in general

If you have a perfectly good Windows XP machine that cannot be easily updated to the latest version of Windows then consider loading Linux as an operating system. It is fully up top date and needs a lot less resources to operate at a good speed. There are many free versions that can be loaded. We write bespoke applications for Linux.


We have been granted a sublicence under this trademark from the Linux Foundation Linux Mark Program for our Linux developments. We are moving a substantial amount of our project work into Linux and Linux development.

Frightened to use Linux?

Become a convert and take the plunge.

We have a number of variants of Linux available, both 32 and 64 bit Why not upgrade to Linux? Is your computer listed as not being able to run Windows 10 but there is nothing wrong with the hardware - upgrade to Linux. Get loads of free software at the same time bundled in, this includes word processors, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing etc. You can even make it look like Windows if you want.

An example

We installed Linux Mint on a Dell from a USB drive (well it installed itself really). It had Windows 7 on it before and the Windows 10 upgrade installed and then promptly reverted back to Windows 7. So after a couple of goes we gave Linux Mint a try. The total time to install and running was 15 minutes. To get an HP 2540 printer to work with it consisted of unpacking the printer, putting the ink cartridges in, plugging it into the mains and plugging in the USB cable. It did it all itself. It is a compliment to HP as they have gone out of the way to make it that easy.

We use Linux

Our Simple Machines Bulletin Board runs on a on an Apache web server with MySql on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspian GNU/Linux 7.


Our Manta Server runs on a Gigabyte box (10cm x 10cm x 5cm) with 240GB SSD running Linux Mint 17.1
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