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Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and similar

These are great places to advertise your business and share things with friends but they all have caveats. Use them with care.

Recent events show that you should restrict what you put in the public domain. It is fully open to the public and is a source of information about yourself and your business. You could be putting sensitive information into public view where it can be used (or abused) by anyone. Anything you say and any images you post are open to copying by third parties.

While it may be fun to link to other people you are giving away your contacts and a competitor could make use of the information.

Consider very carefully what you would like other people to know about you and your business. Once you have posted something then it may be visible on the internet forever as soon as it has been scanned by a search engine.

Ever wondered how you go to a site like Google and it starts displaying adverts from sites like Amazon and shows similar items to those you recently browsed for? This is ANALYTICS. When you view certain web pages the details of what you were looking at and your IP address are recorded, so it is easy to present you with similar items when you become visible to certain web sites.

Analytics rely on something called Big Data. It is a very powerful tool but very Big Brother. From May 2018 GDPR will be the watchdog for Analytics and may well curtail its use.

If you don't want to be tracked then use the Private Browsing option in your browser and tell your security software to not allow you to be tracked.
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