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Beautiful Babes

You get an email or an invite with a picture of a beautiful woman (or man) out of the blue and for some reason they want to be your best friend. You have never heard of them before.

Here is one we made earlier. (Not quite true as we did get this via LinkedIn. In fact, we advised of this problem well before the current investigation into LinkedIn by Symantec of a similar nature).


Using the Windows snipping tool (in Accessories) cut around the image and save it to your local drive.

Now go into Google.

Click on the word Images in the top right.


Google will now open up a new search box. Click on the camera symbol.


Choose the Upload an Image option and browse for the file.


Here is the result.


Amazingly it finds the image (bottom right) in a collection of stock images.

So my new girlfriend is not who I thought she was. How disappointing!

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