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When you use your computer on the internet you must ensure that you are doing so in a safe manner. See our Cybersecurity page on what can go wrong.

You are safer running OSX or Linux than Windows. It is not just that OSX and Linux are more secure but the fact that Windows is often targeted by hackers and receives a disproportionate amount of attacks. Even OSX and Linux can be affected if you are careless in what you do.

If you connect to the internet via a web browser or email then you are potentially the ’next victim’ if you don’t treat it seriously.

You need anti-virus software and firewall software at a minimum. Sometimes they come as one package. Windows includes a basic firewall.

Any anti-virus software is better than no anti-virus software. Since you can get many for free there is really no excuse for not having any. Just choose a common one if you need it, they are all pretty much equal. Don’t forget that if you open an email attachment that not all anti-virus programs will scan it for you.

If you get a message that pops up on your screen which demands money to let you have control of your computer back then you have let it get too far and you now really do a have a problem. It is unlikely that you will get control back even if you do pay the ransom.

Big names that supply free anti-virus software include AVG and Comodo. All free software comes with a caveat, they are reduced versions of a bigger program or it contains adverts. It is up to you if you want to pay for the extra features.

We also suggest that you consider using a program like Malwarebytes (again a free version is available) which you can use to scan for anything that got in through a back door. It offers additional peace of mind as it locates ‘nasties’ that have got by your anti-virus program. Our dedicated servers are not used to browse the internet but periodically we scan them with Malwarebytes just in case we missed something. Dedicated servers often do not have anti-virus software installed as there should be no need.

Which version do you need?

  • Free - for personal use. Manual scanning and updating.
  • Premium - a paid version for personal use with automatic scanning and updating.
  • Corporate standalone - a paid version recommended for commercial use in smaller companies.
  • Corporate managed - a paid version for large companies and local authorities with full facilities and managed updating.
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