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The Pallet Network

Loadmaster already has links to TPN in the UK and Ireland. It works with either or both at the same time.

TPN Invoicing and TPN SOAP WEB allow depots to operate a cost-effective solution to invoicing within TPN UK and TPN Ireland. TPN SOAP WEB was recently updated to also download data using Web Services.

TPN Hub, TPN Depot and TPN Lite are 32 bit legacy versions of our pallet software. They should not be further distributed without our express permission.

TPN Advantage 64 and TPN Remote Advantage are hybrid customer implant systems.

Also available using UK Web Services are :-

  • Dynamic TPN Import - reads in multiple files in multiple formats automatically, prints labels and posts the data to TPN.
  • TPN Link - reads in CSV style sales order processing files, posts data and print labels.
  • GetPodWeb - searches, downloads and displays Proof of Deliveries and allows display, printing and emailing of these.
  • GetTpnCons - downloads consignments as a CSV file which is either unfiltered, by requestor, by collector or by deliverer. It also allows the display of POD image and tracking information.
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