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UK Mail (now DHL) Customer Implant

This was originally produced for Business Post but has been updated to the latest UK Mail specifications. More importantly it has been verified by UK Mail.

Written in Windev for the Microsoft Windows platform. Works on all versions of Windows including 10 and a mixture of these on a network.

The program is capable of operating in a standalone situation or in conjunction with a traffic management program, such as Loadmaster.


  • Easy to use
  • Reads in the UK Mail service and postcode files for accurate delivery
  • Imports CSV address file
  • Produces the requires labels including 2D barcode
  • Sends data directly to UK Mail
  • Sends data to host depot as a CSV file if required
  • Multi-user
  • Site based and not seat based

Cost £150.00 plus VAT. Includes program updates and email-based support for 1 year.

After 1 year support and updates can continue for a payment of £50.00 plus VAT per year.

A higher level of support is optionally available if required.

Please note that the cost of the software does not include a site visit, installation, setting up networks etc. The software is designed to self-install.
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