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Insurance claims software for transport networks.

Runs as a desktop application to a secure remote Manta server. Internet based using secure data transmissions to maintain the integrity of the information. Allows the input of claim details, pictures (as images in most formats) and PDF documents to facilitate a smooth claims procedure.

  • Full user access control with different levels of security access.
  • Only the program is installed locally with all the data held on a Windows or Linux server.
  • The data can be accessed 24/7 by any authorised user anywhere in the world.
  • Backup facility and maintenance built in. The server can be in our premises or your own.

The original installed program is still running after 10 years of operation. Tested with up to 600 simultaneous users.

Android app available to add ‘proof’ data directly.

It’s like all our software. Adaptable. Modifiable. Extendable.
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