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(Version 2.35) Parcel/pallet depot software that works under most operating systems (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/2003 in the 32 bit environments) and networks (including mixes of these operating systems). This program is multi-system, multi-company and is either single or multi-user (up to 99). Euro fully supported. It is possible to work in two currencies at the same time with both being printed on invoices! Retains exchange rate at time of invoicing to allow old invoices to be correctly reprinted. Congestion charging has been added. The gazetteer in ParcelTrak uses both postcodes and towns for lookup purposes and is therefore suitable for using in countries where there are no postcodes e.g. Eire. The supplied UK gazetteer has 43,000 entries.

Note: ParcelTrakis not a full Windows application as it is compatible with a number of other non-Windows operating systems. ParcelTrak will happily work (but not actually run) on a Linux server running Samba networking and being accessed by Windows-based workstations. It will work on a 32 bit platform but generally NOT on a 64 bit one. This is not strictly true as you can run ParcelTrak on a 64 bit machine if you use vDos, the limitation being that you must have ParcelTrak on that machine with shared directories and only accessed externally by 32 bit machines. All functions work normally and there is no need for special print drivers.

Here is ParcelTrak running in Windows 8.1 64 bit edition in vDos (on a Macbook Pro running Parallels Desktop)


If you run Windows 7 32 bit (or Vista 32 bit) then ParcelTrak may appear to only run in a window and when you try to place it full screen you may get a message that says ‘cannot be run in full screen’. This is not a ParcelTrak problem but due to the video display driver not supporting all modes. See Microsoft Knowledgebase article 926657.

ParcelTrak requires the use of a standard printer for reports. It will not print to 'Windows only raster GDI printers' directly (except if using vDos) - Linux will not print to these either (so if you see a Linux sticker on the printer box then the printer will probably be OK.) For information on printers as we test them and a method of easily printing to any printer (including USB) then click on the menu item above. You can use third-party products to get around this like DOSPRN or you can use our SPOOLV program which can print the saved print files.

As a compliment to the way it was programmed, we still have customers using this program on a daily basis after 10+ years. We were recently contacted by one who made their first support call in 12 years! They had used the program on a daily basis all that time. Even then the call only took a couple of minutes to resolve.

Price £900.00 single-user (1100 Euro) and £2500.00 multi-user (3000 Euro) - includes 1st year of support, updates and installation. Support after the first year is £250.00 for single-user (300 Euro) or £350.00 for multi-user (400 Euro).

Owing to the long term popularity of this product we may bring it back in all it's glory in a converted Windows format.



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