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Printing and ParcelTrak

ParcelTrak prints using a generic print driver. It uses no special options to print. There are virtually no settings for printing in the program apart from Page Length.

ParcelTrak will not print directly to a Windows-only GDI printer. These are usually very cheap lasers and ink jet printers. You can get a shareware utility program called DOSPRN which will allow printing on any Windows-only printer (including these and USB) at www.dosprn.com. The registered version is about £9.00.

We have produced a program called SPOOLV that allows you to print the printer spool files to any printer.

The way to test a printer for DOS compatibility is to click on START and go to RUN. Type COMMAND on the Run Line and OK. Type CD\ and press ENTER.

Now type this line -


If this prints then it will work OK. To go back to Windows type EXIT and press ENTER.

Please note that Barcode Printing is done using a special method and it is unaffected by this restriction. It will print to anything that uses a Windows printer driver.

Printers that work

There are more printers that work than don't. This list is just those that we have tested.

All dot matrix printers using standard printer ports on LPT1 - LPT4.

All PCL type laser printers. This means virtually the whole HP and IBM ranges. HP1200 etc.

All standard inkjets using a parallel port.
HP 500 inkjet
HP 510 inkjet
HP 610 inkjet
Canon BJ250 inkjet
Apollo Inkjet USB (PC World) - you must turn 'Spool MSDOS print jobs' OFF in printer options.

Printers that do not work (or we just haven't worked it out yet!)

(Yes, they will work with the DOSPRN program)

Samsung 4500 laser

Canon 1000 inkjet
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