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Sameday Express

Windows-based multi-user sameday and courier software program. Windows XP/7/8/10 compatible. Windows 10 Creator Update compatible.

Produced in conjunction with a number of sameday and courier companies to get a good overall program. Currently this program is in daily use in a number of courier/sameday companies within the UK.

Extensive facilities which includes invoicing, export to Sage, credit card checking, repeat jobs, detailed history, mapping via internet, routing via internet and much more. Emailing of invoices and creation as PDF’s built in.

Voipcheap enabled. You can send text messages to a single or group of drivers. Notification of Collections and Deliveries are a click away.

ODBC driver included so that you can generate your own reports using a standard report writer such as Crystal Reports.

Now includes the ability to use Postcode Addressing (PAF) using Postcode Anywhere. (Note: This optional facility is not included in the cost and must be obtained directly from Postcode Anywhere.) Even without Postcode Anywhere internet postcode addressing down to area level is built-in.

You can print invoices with your own custom header and footer sections containing your own design and logo.

Please note that all the data is stored on your own computers and not ‘in the cloud’. You therefore have total control over the access to your own confidential information.

From version 2.57 support added to run multiple companies.

Sameday Express™ is part of our 'In Continual Development Program'.

Sameday Express™ retails at £500.00 plus VAT. There is an ongoing monthly charge of £50.00 plus VAT to cover support and updates. All prices exclude VAT which should be added at the standard rate. Unless otherwise stated, this is our UK price list only. We reserve the right to change the price in order to properly reflect the additional facilities being added.

The optional Sameday Additions POD web module allows your customers to view their proof of delivery information via a web interface linked to YOUR website (online PODs) allowing them to read their POD information directly from the system on a 24/7 basis. This requires setting up a web server on a computer in your premises, normally this is part of Windows 7/8/10 and just turned off. Instructions show how to activate and use this. See the link at the side of this page for a basic demo, this can be customised and be in different sizes and colours.

See the support page for Sameday Express™ as this contains a variety of topics.
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