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We are currently producing a number of Android applications of a bespoke nature and see this as an expanding market area. The cost of an Android device means that the end user can buy many of these for the price of an equivalent Windows Mobile device making them very cost-effective. Android devices also now control a large part of the mobile market. Android phones and tablets can perform many tasks that were previously limited to custom and very expensive hardware devices, opening up this technology to all.

Underlying Android development is the programming language of Java. The possibilities are therefore endless.

We are currently working on an Android GPS tracking development for logistics which means that the end-user can see their items on an internet map from collection to delivery point.

We are looking to expand this area with a number of different logistic companies.

Universal Tracker

Our Universal Tracker program for the Android phone is available on the Android store now. The program allows an Android phone with GPS to be constantly tracked by simply sending it a coded text message.



robot-tiny windevhyperfile
Safenote for Android

This allows you to keep confidential text data on an Android mobile phone which is saved against your selected password. Tested on Galaxy Joypad as well.

Click on the link and download. On the device go into File Explorer and locate the app file you downloaded. Click on this. Note that 'unknown sources' must be enabled on your device.

Just press the Check button on the first use. On the next page enter your code and text. Hit Save.

Available on the Android store.


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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