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Innovation, research and development are our expert areas and something that we are looking to expand even further. We are willing to take on projects that require an extreme level of innovation and a groundbreaking approach. Working at the cutting edge of technology is our speciality. Current experimental projects include the production of software to interface with car management systems using iOS and Android with OBD II and GPS modules.

As an example of the things we do, we have written software to produce custom sized labels from a web page using Java which prints directly to the local printer without the need to pre-capture as a PDF document.

Here is an example where we pick up Sales Order Processing files and print different labels from one program depending on their content :-

ups label image custom label Lynx label image Target label image Freightlink label image Business Post label image

We are comfortable producing software for a variety of company types, all the way to large PLC's. The software can be desktop, internet or mobile based and we are happy to integrate with very large database systems. We have produced complete software systems for national overnight parcel and pallet carriers for both desktop and web use, these include franchise operations. We have the technology and ability to exceed normal expectations by applying pure innovation.

We can bring existing DOS and Legacy software into the 21st century, upgrading where possible or rewriting where not. We can also recover failed projects and get them to conclusion. Whether web-based, desktop executables, Java, Java Webstart or Applet - we can produce them all.

The cost of large systems is subject to obtaining a proper specification from the outset. Where bespoke software is undertaken then any subsequent changes prior to supply may have an impact upon timescales and cost. All software is produced within our terms and conditions. See the sidebar for details.

Please note that we are experts at turning out working software at short notice where the customer has been let down by another supplier and you need to keep your business turning over.

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