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ZiPZAP Computers Limited are based in Lincoln, United Kingdom. We produce groundbreaking bespoke software design and code production at the cutting edge of development.

Our main expert area historically has been the production of computer programs for the Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. We currently produce software for a number of diverse industries but one area that we have specialised in is the writing of programs for the European logistics market where we have been producing systems for major national parcel and pallet delivery companies for over 30 years. We don't just work for big companies either, we have many smaller companies on our books.

We produce groundbreaking bespoke software design and code production at the cutting edge of development. Our software is sturdy, dependable and has a proven track record for reliability. We are also internet scam busters, cybersecurity advisors and computer good guys. Yes, we understand Windows, Linux, hardware, software, networks, security, applications, legalities and the needs of a customer. It’s all due to the experience we have gained over 30 years.

We are a small friendly company. All of our developments are unique and fully 'in house' for the security and reassurance of our customers with nothing outsourced to any other third party. We do not farm work out to cheap sub-contractors in third-world countries and then claim their work to be our own, nor do we claim any qualifications that third-parties may have and try to claim them as ours.

ZiPZAP Computers Limited is registered in England (Company No. 4576382) with a Registered Office at Commerce House, 2 Carlton Boulevard, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln LN2 4WJ, United Kingdom, Europe.

VAT Registration: GB 526116371 EORI: GB526116371000

Data Protection Act Registration: Z8209425


GDPR - As a company we only store a limited amount of personal data, usually only a contact name, address, phone number and email address. Our Supervisory Authority is the Information Commissioners Office at

Originally established in 1986 as a partnership and trading as ZiPZAP Computer Consultants, we changed to a Limited Company in 2002 and moved to our current address at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce in June, 2016.

Our basic office hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday but we are flexible with this. We now operate a flexible time and flexible base operation which means we can meet our customer needs far more easily. We do not operate on UK Public Holidays. We answer emails outside these hours/days.

We operate under the ethical policies and codes of conduct of both the British Computer Society and the Institution of Analysts and Programmers.

We write commercial computer software for all versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8.1 RT, Linux (all versions), Apple Mac (Intel), Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows Phone 8.1, Android and now the iPhone/iPad. We also program barcode scanners and handheld computers which use the Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows Phone 8 or Android platforms.We make extensive use of Web Services and SOAP to transfer data. Much of the software we produce is for parcel, pallet or container movement companies although we have diversified into writing programs for warehousing, security access and credit control agencies. We are happy working with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Manta, Btrieve, SQL Azure, Informix, DB2, Sybase, AS/400, Progress, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite and xBase (DBase).

Our primary development software is Windev 21/22. Using these programs can be produced in multiple languages based upon the current computer codepage, in effect one computer on a network could be working in English and another in a totally different language. We can also program for non-Windows operating systems using Windev.

Innovation and reliability are built into our products.

Our customers come from all over the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and as far as the United Arab Emirates. Some of these are household names. Customers are our best salesmen and nearly all come as a result of a referral from an old one. Our software can be found all over the UK and Ireland in a huge variety of companies from different industries. In the past we have supplied software to a number of well know names, including Lincwaste who were part of the Lincolnshire County Council. At one time we even had a dispatcher system in Harrods.

We have written logistics software that works with ANC, APEX, BAC, Business Post, Diamond Express, DHL, Force 10, Fortec, Freightlink, NCN, Nightfreight, Palletforce, Parcelforce, TNT (Ireland), TPN, TPN (Ireland), Track 29, Tuffnells, UK Mail and UPS.

We have other sites at,,, and (for testing).

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