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‘The Cloud’ is one of the best sales pitches of the decade. What is it?

This description was on a T shirt - “the Cloud is someone else’s computer”. A pretty good description.

It is a computer somewhere in the world which is being updated and serviced by a third party. It could literally be anywhere. You are simply buying storage space.

A simple bit of maths shows that the furthest it can be away from anyone is 12,000 miles and since the speed of light is about 250,000 miles a second then the delay in communication to it is a maximum of 0.05 seconds. So it could be up the road or on the other side of the world and you wouldn’t know.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using the Cloud.

The biggest disadvantage is that if you cannot connect to the internet then you have no information at all but it is something of great potential if used correctly and with care.

It may also be lodged in a country that has particular laws over content and it may be different to your own. As an example, America considers its jurisdiction to be worldwide.
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