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Windows 10

Microsoft have brought out their next update for Windows 10 - Creators Update. This is a major update of some 4.6GB

If you were on the previous 1511 version then you MUST upgrade as you will receive no further updates.

The new Windows 10 Falls Edition will be out soon.

We have already found a number of quirks and issues that hopefully will be resolved.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 has many issues and you will need to upgrade to 2018 to get around these.

Kaspersky Secure Connection stops working and you MUST update to the 18 version.

Malwarebytes needs updating to the latest version.

There are numerous printing issues and you may need new drivers for your printers.

Networking seems to be affected with a large decrease in speed.

You may get this screen when you try to update with some processors :-


Intel Clover Trail processors are not supported in Windows 10 Creators Update, these are used in some computers shipped in the last 3 years including some HP's.

The list includes :-

Atom Z2520
Atom Z2560
Atom Z2580
Atom Z2760

Just go into About on your computer and check the marked section in red below :-


Here the upgrade has already been done. See the Version number of 1703.
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